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The Band: Royal Bliss

Neal Middleton – Lead Vocal, Guitar. Taylor Richards – Guitars, Vocals. Jake Smith – Drums, Percussion. Brian Hennesy – Bass, Vocals.

Since their formation, Royal Bliss has been a powerful force in rock music. After thriving as an independent band, signing with Capitol Records, starting an exciting new partnership with Kartel, and seeing two of their latest singles hit the Top 20 Active Rock charts, the band known for persevering & surviving is more than ready for wherever this next chapter will take them.
After the abrupt shock the pandemic brought for the self-confessed “road warriors”, Royal Bliss spent the past year reflecting on the last few decades together as a band and how, despite all of the odds stacked against them, they survived. Surviving is a theme that flickers throughout Royal Bliss’ new music; one of their latest singles “Fire Within,” is a powerful rally cry for anyone who needs the inspiration to rise above every setback in one’s path. “This song is a message to and for my kids,” frontman Neal Middleton describes. “It’s for people who are struggling because they feel like an outcast compared to everybody else. As a band we’ve been told our dreams are unreachable, but you have to persevere. You have to light that fire within.” At its core, the track is for anyone who feels pressured to conform. “Over the last year especially, so much has been brought to light —women’s rights, LGBTQ+, systemic racism. It’s about embracing our differences but knowing we all deserve to be treated equally.”
Written with multiple Grammy award winner Justin Rimer, the track became something of a catalyst for the band’s new post-pandemic outlook. “We were on the road constantly for 20 years and being forced in one place encouraged a lot of personal growth with every individual in the band,” Neal states. “‘Fire Within’ encapsulates the mindset we have now; we’re refocused, reenergized, and ready for this new chapter of our career.” ‘Fire Within’ is a song the band hopes will unite people after they’ve been apart for so long. “It was something every single person in the world went through. ‘Fire Within’ will connect them to that, and to us, because it was a universal experience.”
After they released their Capitol Records debut record “Life In-Between,” there isn’t much Royal Bliss hasn’t already accomplished —from signing with a major label in 2009, garnering over 100 million streams and 175,000+ monthly listeners on Spotify, charting on the Billboard Top 20 & hitting #1 in Billboard Heatseekers, touring with the likes of Kid Rock, Chevelle to Lynyrd Skynyrd, and having 10 singles break the top 50 on Active Rock radio. A band that prides themselves on their storytelling and ability to deftly blend classic rock with modern rock elements, Royal Bliss is a one-of-a-kind rock band and has the feverish fan following to prove it.
Royal Bliss has released 5 full-length studio albums —“After The Chaos II,” “Life In Between,” “Waiting Out The Storm,” “Chasing The Sun,” and the band’s 2019 self-titled record “Royal Bliss.” But even with all of those achievements, the band’s biggest career highlight can be described in one word: Surviving. “Surviving this last year was a highlight in and of itself” Neal laughs, touching on the band’s commitment to persevering for the sake of their music. In 2020, just as the world began to shut down, the group signed a new record deal with Explorer1 Music/EX1 Records. “Signing a second record deal in our lifetime as a band is a second chance not many bands get,” Taylor Richards adds.
As the band prepares to release new music through the upcoming year, Royal Bliss’ biggest aim is to bring people together. “We hope it unites people from all walks of life, wherever they live and hope they can connect to the songs,” Neal says. “More than anything, this music is about rising above and knowing that when we’re together, everything will be fine.” 
The New album(Title and release date TBA) is set for fall 2022 with multiple song releases and up coming tours to support and promote it. 








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